The Only Band Ever (Alexisonfire Tribute)

Please enjoy our quarantine cover of Crisis. It seemed like a good one for the current times.

A tribute to Alexisonfire that came out of a charity event looking for local groups to cover their favourite bands. We chose Alexisonfire and it turned out, we were pretty damn good at it. The band name comes from the website used by the actual band (

We don’t approach this as a traditional tribute act. We play more in the same vein as the actual band. We have played on many original band showcases in the hopes that it might drive more traffic out to see the really talented local acts. The Only Band Ever-Alexisonfire Tribute is truly a unique experience.

Rock out to a recording of us playing “Boiled Frogs” recorded live-off-the-floor at We Love Sound:

Currently in rotation (Not in any particular order):


  • Accidents
  • Boiled Frogs
  • This Could Be Anywhere in the World
  • Young Cardinals
  • To A Friend
  • Pulmonary Archery
  • Happiness by the Kilowatt
  • Crisis
  • No Transitory
  • Keep it on Wax
  • .44 Calibre Love Letter
  • Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints
  • Rough Hands
  • The rest of the Crisis album is in the works.