What is Tight-D?

A project that is as much a part of Kill the Artist as anything. Kill the Artist is about expression and art, which comes in many forms. The idea of Tight-D was started by Dayne Gerous in 2010. It’s a style that stands out as new but is somehow made of familiar sounds. We refer to it as “Electronic Punk”. Dance beats layered with rock guitar, funky bass, and sometimes punk vocals with rap.

It’s a solo project by Dayne Gerous. Most solo acts go acoustic, he went rap rock. The songs are danacable and catchy with more thought out and articulate lyrics than found in most modern pop artist. Much of Dayne’s lyrics revolve around philosophy, satire, internal struggles and the universe. Tight-D proves you don’t need to be easily digestible to be able to dance to it.

The first official release called “Give Me a 9” came out in December 2022. All proceeds of the song sales on bandcamp will go to the Outrun Rescue animal shelter.

You are awake. It’s time to dance.