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KTA with Tight-D - Only Us (Thrice Cover)

A quick homemade music video showing off Tight-D and his skills as a rapper, screamer and singer. A favorite of ours, a Thrice cover in the style of Tight-D.

Bird’s Don’t Sing in Caves

Filmed and edited by our favorite guy Jeff Burbidge from 4-Reel Media who really outdid himself on this one. The shots and story are even better then we imagined! The video goes along the theme of the base of the song which is about Plato’s Cave. The allegory of Platos cave talks about some guys trapped in a cave with a fire behind them they never see. Sometimes things walk by the fire creating shadows on the wall, and to the men in the cave, those shadows are as real as anything. One day, a man escapes and goes into the sunlight to find the shadow of the dog isn’t what’s real but there’s a real thing behind that shadow. The man goes back to tell the others in the cave what he saw and they become violent and call him dumb and refuse to believe. So he has to decide, can he stay willfully ignorant or go out on his own to learn the truth.

Don’t Leave Me Here

Our music video for “Don’t Leave Me Here” filmed and edited by Jeff Burbidge of 4-Reel Media. We filmed a lot of this on site with our friends at Beatties Vodka Distillery, a potato vodka that we can actually drink. This video features lead guitarist and singer Ben Saunders with his daughter, and glimpses into the life of a single dad. Ben once said that he’d often get looks and comments about being in a band and how it’s not responsible and “when are you going to grow up?” To which he replied “Isn’t the best thing I could teach my daughter to follow her dreams? Work hard for what makes her happy, no matter what others tell you, you should be doing?”

The Lyric Video for our first emotional track “Don’t Leave Me Here”

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